Rail Gaps and Rail Joiners

For my “novice modeler” readers I just posted a blog on my business site on dealing with rail gaps and rail joiners.  You can read it HERE

Hitting The Artistic Sweetspot

    Often, when I tell other modelers that I’ve just made a photography trip to Allapattah (Miami) or Vernon (LA), the immediate response is, “Wow, you’re brave.  Weren’t you afraid of being mugged?”.  Let’s get one thing straight up front, I’m not brave!  But no, I can’t say I’ve ever felt even remotely threatened. …

Figures 11/8/17

Following my last post on figures, UK modeler Steve J. wrote: “regarding figures – have you seen the work of ModelU? Based over here in the UK , they use a 3d scanner and printer to accurately create realistic figures. Many have been done from preserved railways and of you catch them at a how…


I’ve always felt that the old modeler’s adage of “no detail is better than a bad detail” made sense.  If we need a specific detailed part, and the only thing on the market is a crude soap carving, you’re better off omitting the detail as opposed to trying to represent it with an unsightly placeholder….

Number 3 Crossing District Blvd.

My immersion in model railroading is largely a selfish pursuit.  I like getting compliments as much as the next person but my drive is primarily internal, a desire to create images that give me pleasure to look at, to create scenes that I enjoy operating, experiencing,  and interacting with.   As modelers we have an advantage…