4300 District Blvd. – Front Entrance


Sunset on District Blvd.

Alco Article

I have an article in the April 2018 issue of RMC on modeling a LAJ Alco S-2.

Brooklyn Terminal Fascia

This week I added the fascia to the Brooklyn Terminal layout.  The curved corners are made from bendable 1/4″ MDF from Rockler, the rest being standard 1/4″ MDF.  The trim strips are screen molding.  To form the curves on the molding, I soaked the pieces in the tub and then carefully (very carefully) worked them…

Stepping Outside The Sandbox

Model railroading is a hobby that allows it’s participants to dig in and participate as much or or as little as they’d like.   On one end of the spectrum would be the casual recreationalist.  This is someone that  wants to have a basic representational layout that he can unwind with now and then, perhaps entertain…