LAJ street photo wallpaper

After posting my Helicopter Flyover movie short, a few questions came in as to where I got the images for the street photo wallpaper.  I’ve uploaded the files I used in the Photo wallpaper section.

First Movie “Short” – Helicopter Flyover

  After a few months of ramping up on the learning curve, I finally felt I’d gotten to the point where I could actually produce something.   The first “short movie” out of the box is a helicopter flyover of my LAJ layout.  You can see the clip HERE. Somebody that has been following this…

New Layout Design Posting

I just posted a layout design article on my business site discussing how to make the decision as to how many towns to include in a design.  You can read it here: How Many Towns Should I Put on my Layout?

An Audience of One

Why do we photograph and create video of our layouts?  After doing so, why do share them with others by posting them publicly? The answer to the first question is an easy one to answer, for me at least.  Photography allows me to interpret and experience the layout in ways that are simply impossible with…

Rotary Beacon

In looking at videos of CF-7’s in action on the LAJ, the rotary beacons on the cab roof are very noticeable.  The filament headlights in my loco had already started burning out so it was time to replace them with LED’s, a project I’d been putting off.  Time to bite the bullet and get it done.  Since…