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Modeling Miami's Downtown Spur and East Rail District



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"Miami is a strange place... It is a bit of a tropical paradise, a third world country, an amazing mix of cultures and history.  It isn't for everybody.  It is also unlike pretty much any other place in the country" author unknown


The above quote, pulled from the archives of, aptly lays out the Miami experience.  It truly is like no other place in the country.  Cloaked in a fog of humidity and baking in the tropical sun is a rail scene characterized by faded pastel industrial parks locked in a 1950's time capsule.  


A finished model railroad is the product of the lens through which we view a scene.    I've always been fascinated by the  overlooked and forgotten elements that exist along the frayed edges of society.   Far removed from the franchise laden strip malls that populate modern suburban society exist hidden treasures literally crying out to be modeled.  The industrial parks of Miami are one such gem.


 View this website as a virtual "coffee table" book to be browsed as the spirit moves you.  

Lance Mindheim       



Lance Mindheim