Miami Jai-Alai Dec. 26

Since my last posting, I’ve managed to complete the exterior sides and roof. The shape is fairly simple but, even so, the relatively large size made ensuring I got everything to the right size and fit a little more time consuming. Also, the larger size required far more effort to make sure that everything was […]

Miami Jai-Alai Dec. 12

Today I was able to get most of the core assembled and, of more importance, braced. A Gatorboard panel is inset as the base to keep things square. I also used a piece of it in the middle. After yesterday’s post I found some pieces of 3/4″ C channel in the shop so used that […]

Miami Jai-Alai Dec. 11

Sometimes the hardest part of a project is simply launching and making those first few pieces. I found a new source for large slabs of .060″ styrene sheet on Amazon. With materials in hand, I’m able to start. For larger structure projects like this I prefer to have a large, clean, work surface to spread […]