The Lowly Shuttle

My first encounter with The Downtown Spur was in February of 2006 where I caught GP38-2 #2639 (above) heading light back to Hialeah Yard. Clearly it was a shuttle of some sort, the details of which I have no clue. I think it’s safe to assume he had a car (or several) that needed to […]

Directing the Eye

This older view of the layout is a classic example of visual chaos. The eye dances around a sea of pastel cubes and struggles to make sense of the mess. Some of the most enjoyable, and useful classes, I took at The Smithsonian were on artistic composition and visual literacy. The applications to model railroading […]

Miami Jai-Alai 21 Nov.

As I mentioned in my last post, the last thing anybody wants to do is spend hours and hours on a structure only to find that, after putting it on the layout, it doesn’t fit in the way you expected. It’s not something that can be worked out on paper either. Mock ups are a […]

Miami Jai-Alai

With no projects that really moved the needle for me, I took a few months off from the layout. I knew that if I consumed enough craft beers, and took enough naps, eventually something in the way of an idea would float up from the bottom of the pond. And….eventually it did. That “something” being […]