July in Miami

Adding the grade crossing signals at 30th Avenue wraps up the Sungas scene, which is the main thing I wanted to get done in 2021. This was the last remaining industry to be modeled although I still have a ton of non-rail structures to do. As time permits, I’ve been doubling back and looking for […]

Passing Antillean Marine

Having just crossed over North River Drive the local passes Antillean Marine. Having completed the Sungas scene, I’m going to take a break from major construction projects for awhile and double back and spend some time photographing the layout. I’m finding each shot is different in terms of whether my Canon Rebel SLR or the […]

Sungas Services Scene

Having spent the bulk of the year building out the Sungas Services scene, it’s now complete. On my laundry list for the second half of the year is going back and photographing or re-photographing some of the other scenes on the layout.

Controlling Lines of Sight

Controlling what portions of a layout a visitor sees at any given time, and from any given location, enhances the viewing experience. I can’t think of any layout I’ve been to where this is even an issue….except mine. In most cases the shape of the layout, walls, backdrop locations, or geography frame the layout in […]