Some Palm Trees for 30th Ave.

30th Avenue in the vicinity of Sun Gas is lined by rows of palm trees. Time to make a few! Since there really aren’t any commercially available palm trees that capture the airy and delicate nature of the fronds, they need to be made from scratch. I cut my own using a Black Cat Cougar […]

Sun Gas Fencing

One of the more challenging aspects of modeling Sun Gas is dealing with the fencing that surrounds the compound. By nature chain link fencing is very light and airy and difficult to scale down to model proportions. Here’s a few tips I’ve come up with over the years. -Use a high quality photo etched product […]

30th Avenue

Directly across the rails from CBI, and across the street from Sun Gas, is a cinderblock wall running at least a hundred feet long or so. At some point in time an enterprising “artist” or “tagger” painted a fairly creative mural on it. Personally, I think it looks a lot better with the artwork than […]

Sun Gas

A portion of the Sun Gas compound is walled off with a cinderblock wall behind which is a small service structure. In anticipation of eventually modeling the scene, I took photos back in 2012 to eventually use as photo wallpaper. Okay, so it took me nine years to get around to it! Back in 2012 […]