Building the Yard. June 16

In a way it’s much easier to scratch build turnouts in groups. You tend to get into a groove after the first one, and progress is much quicker. The four I need for the yard are now done (code 40, number 6’s). I did an article on the subject in the November 2011 issue of […]

Building the Yard

Over the next month or so I’d like to get the Brooklyn Terminal yard done. Since there aren’t any code 40 turnouts available commercially, they need to be hand built. I think doing them in batches will make things go faster and result in higher quality since you can build up some momentum. I made […]

Brooklyn Terminal, June 4

In thinking about which way to go with the BT locomotive paint scheme, I decided to do a Google search on steam switchers. In looking through the images, I decided to follow the L&N approach, understated, simple, old school, no logo. There’s still a lot to do on the model but at least I have […]