Monthly archives: February, 2017

District Blvd. Feb. 26

The latest work has centered on the crossing signals and light posts along District Blvd. Standing in District Blvd. facing southwest. Facing southeast down District Blvd.  The crossing signals are Details West,  I took the cobra light heads off of Walthers street lights, airbrushed them a light gray and then mounted them to skewers painted Model…

New Weathering Page

I’ve added a new page on weathering to the “How To” section.

May-Vern Liquor (Feb. 10)

All done!

May-Vern Liquor 4 February

Here’s the progress to date on Mal-Vern Liquor.  Note the prominent location at the entry way to the layout.  The core was fashioned from layers of styrene sheet.  You can see the photo laminate sheets I’ll use on the left.  Fluting for the awning was easily formed using Plastruct half round.

Some Videos of the Layouts

I finally had a chance to meet long-time internet friend Tolga E. from Miami.  He was in town for a college physics conference and was able to break free to come over and see the layouts.  He shot some video of both the LAJ and the Spur which you can see here: