May-Vern Liquor (Jan31)

Scene composition is always a slippery slope, especially for freelance or proto-freelance layouts such as the LAJ.  If you cherry pick and select a random collection of the most interesting structures you have what looks like a model railroad.  Go too far in the other direction and you don’t have enough to sustain interest.   […]

East Rail Update

It’s hard to believe but it’s been four years since I’ve been to Miami to check on things.   A visit was long overdue.  East Rail continues to be as enticing of a modeling subject as ever.  Right out of the box we were treated to see the lead in front of Salco packed with eight cars, […]

4940 District Blvd.

Completion of the Nathan Anthony furniture factory at 4940 District Blvd. is the final structure along the back wall between the tracks and the backdrop.  Since the layout is proto-freelanced, I took an interpretive approach as opposed to modeling it exactly.  The weathering is slightly more pronounced and I borrowed a few features from the […]