Monthly archives: October, 2016

New Design Blog Posting

I’ve just posted a new layout design blog on my business site HERE. For reasons that are understandable, many assume that I’m an advocate of small, switching layouts.  That’s not really true.  I’m actually  more of a proponent of layouts that are simple enough to build (and yet still interesting)  that  those on the sidelines…

District Blvd.

Here’s the District Blvd. grade crossing with the photo wallpaper laminated on.  The sidewalks and crossing signals remain to be installed.

New Pavement Image

The current project on my workbench is the pavement for District Blvd. in Vernon.  The prototype is comprised of 12 foot traffic lanes, a 12 foot median, and 10 foot parking lanes.  I used Google Streetview as a guide but didn’t use that imagery.  Instead, I was able to find a street overpass in town that…

Two Good Links

Ed K. has written a blog delving little bit deeper into his TrainCrew app.  You can read it HERE. Chuck Hunt has a very nice piece on creating a sense of place HERE.

Mixing It Up

With the discovery of Ed’s TrainCrew audio app., the next step was to see if I could overlay those sounds seamlessly on top of the locomotive audio  being fed from the under layout sound decoder to my wireless headphones.  Anticipating this need, awhile back I picked up an audio “mixer” from Pricom.  One side of…