I love this video by Snuffy’s Cat Productions on the Malabar Job.  In particular, check out the use of fusee’s for the grade crossing at the 2:07 mark. LogicRail Technologies makes a nice fusee device that’s easy to install.  Modeling this safety procedure adds time to an op. session, effectively “stretching” the size of your […]

From My Readers

  Tom Klimoski keeps turning out great videos of his Georgia Northeastern Layout.  His latest is an ops. related piece on his Elizabeth Yard Turn Job posted on YouTube.   Two-dimensional drawings will only take you so far in terms of visualizing scene composition.  Christian Summers got around this by building a 1/10th scale mock up […]

September 10, 2016

  I’d say I’ve finally passed the half way mark on the LAJ layout.  I feel a bit of momentum building analogous to pushing a boulder down a hill.  My next order of business is motive power.  The Athearn LAJ CF-7 has been impossible to find.  If anybody has an extra they want to part […]