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Figures 11/8/17

Following my last post on figures, UK modeler Steve J. wrote: “regarding figures – have you seen the work of ModelU? Based over here in the UK , they use a 3d scanner and printer to accurately create realistic figures. Many have been done from preserved railways and of you catch them at a how…


When the LAJ bug first bit me in the 1970’s, they were running zebra striped Alco S-2’s.  Next on the project list is doing a backdated rolling stock roster so I can run them.  The Atlas S-2 is a superbly smooth runner, to which I just installed a Tsunami 2 decoder over the weekend.  Next…

New Layout Design Posting

I just posted a layout design article on my business site discussing how to make the decision as to how many towns to include in a design.  You can read it here: How Many Towns Should I Put on my Layout?

Rotary Beacon

In looking at videos of CF-7’s in action on the LAJ, the rotary beacons on the cab roof are very noticeable.  The filament headlights in my loco had already started burning out so it was time to replace them with LED’s, a project I’d been putting off.  Time to bite the bullet and get it done.  Since…

4300 District Blvd. 4/12/17

As I build the trackside industries I want to be open to the possibility that I may want to work a small camera or video camera in at some point and photograph the back side of the structures.  That means detailing said back sides.  I continue to chip away at the 4300 District Blvd. structure….