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Rail Gaps and Rail Joiners

For my “novice modeler” readers I just posted a blog on my business site on dealing with rail gaps and rail joiners.  You can read it HERE

The Next Adventure

  With only one locomotive project remaining, work on the LAJ layout is drawing to a close.  As I mentioned before, I’ve been thinking a lot about “what’s next?”.  Honestly, I thought I’d drift and wallow for awhile  trying to find something that motivated me.  Ideas come from the strangest places.  I was tuning the…

Six Landmines to Avoid When Planning A Layout

Planning a railroad for some point down the road?  I wrote a blog on my business site about a few things to consider.  You can read about it HERE.

LAJ street photo wallpaper

After posting my Helicopter Flyover movie short, a few questions came in as to where I got the images for the street photo wallpaper.  I’ve uploaded the files I used in the Photo wallpaper section.

Flickr and New Links Page

Between photos, books, and videos my material is sort of scattered around.  I’ve added a new links tab to this site to help with navigation. I’ve also set up a Flickr account for photos.  Although there is a fair amount of overlap with this site the Flickr navigation is a little easier and I’ve used…