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Flickr and New Links Page

Between photos, books, and videos my material is sort of scattered around.  I’ve added a new links tab to this site to help with navigation. I’ve also set up a Flickr account for photos.  Although there is a fair amount of overlap with this site the Flickr navigation is a little easier and I’ve used…

East Rail Video

For fans of Miami’s East Rail, Tolga got some great video of the local getting ready to go about its work. Here’s the link:… Scroll to the 13:45 mark. The tanks are for Sentry, the boxes for Salco. He thinks the bulkheads are for the team track in the yard. Love the great audio…

RMC Weathering Article

I’ve received a number of emails on how I weathered the LAJ CF-7.  In the May issue of RMC I give a detailed explanation as well as an overall way to approach weathering in general.

Two “Must Have” Industries

For those planning a steam to diesel era layout, I wrote a blog on my business site on two industries that should appear in almost every instance. You can read it HERE.

New Blog on Business Site

I just posted a new blog entry on my business site, “The Three Functions of Track on a Model Railroad“.  Something to consider for those wrestling with the design of their next layout.