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RMC Weathering Article

I’ve received a number of emails on how I weathered the LAJ CF-7.  In the May issue of RMC I give a detailed explanation as well as an overall way to approach weathering in general.

Two “Must Have” Industries

For those planning a steam to diesel era layout, I wrote a blog on my business site on two industries that should appear in almost every instance. You can read it HERE.

New Blog on Business Site

I just posted a new blog entry on my business site, “The Three Functions of Track on a Model Railroad“.  Something to consider for those wrestling with the design of their next layout.

New Weathering Page

I’ve added a new page on weathering to the “How To” section.

Some Videos of the Layouts

I finally had a chance to meet long-time internet friend Tolga E. from Miami.  He was in town for a college physics conference and was able to break free to come over and see the layouts.  He shot some video of both the LAJ and the Spur which you can see here: