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LAJ street photo wallpaper

After posting my Helicopter Flyover movie short, a few questions came in as to where I got the images for the street photo wallpaper.  I’ve uploaded the files I used in the Photo wallpaper section.

First Movie “Short” – Helicopter Flyover

  After a few months of ramping up on the learning curve, I finally felt I’d gotten to the point where I could actually produce something.   The first “short movie” out of the box is a helicopter flyover of my LAJ layout.  You can see the clip HERE. Somebody that has been following this…

Step Into My World

The camera lens allows us to interpret, capture, and experience our models in a way that simply isn’t possible with the naked eye. It takes us to the place we envisioned when we started this whole layout building process.  The image above of Federal Cold Storage took most of a weekend to get the end…

Appreciating the Ordinary

It’s the first week in August 2008 and the switch job works Sweetener Products, swapping loads for empties, pulling, pushing and swapping flat black tanks.  It’s what they did the week before and will do the week after. There’s a certain timeless appeal in the pure ordinariness of rail operations.  

Layouts as Wall Art

  As you walk through your living room, chances are that somewhere on the wall hangs something you enjoy looking at.  It could be a painting, poster, sculpture, or photograph.  Whatever it is, you liked it when you bought it, you liked it a year after you bought it, and to this day it gives…