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4300 District Blvd. – Front Entrance


Sunset on District Blvd.

Alco Article

I have an article in the April 2018 issue of RMC on modeling a LAJ Alco S-2.

Operating the LAJ

While waiting for supplies to come in for the Brooklyn Terminal layout, I doubled back to other areas. As a host layout for the upcoming ProRail national operating convention, it’s time to make sure all of my ducks are in a row.  I’ll be running both the Downtown Spur and LAJ layouts simultaneously so will…

Number 3 Crossing District Blvd.

My immersion in model railroading is largely a selfish pursuit.  I like getting compliments as much as the next person but my drive is primarily internal, a desire to create images that give me pleasure to look at, to create scenes that I enjoy operating, experiencing,  and interacting with.   As modelers we have an advantage…