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October 18, 2017

  I I feel like I’m finally turning the corner on the Alco project.  I knew going in the hardest part would be the striping, and it has been. The commercial products aren’t a match either in terms of the barricade angle or stripe width so a lot of extra time was spent working around…

Six Landmines to Avoid When Planning A Layout

Planning a railroad for some point down the road?  I wrote a blog on my business site about a few things to consider.  You can read about it HERE.


When the LAJ bug first bit me in the 1970’s, they were running zebra striped Alco S-2’s.  Next on the project list is doing a backdated rolling stock roster so I can run them.  The Atlas S-2 is a superbly smooth runner, to which I just installed a Tsunami 2 decoder over the weekend.  Next…